About Mazdaar

Welcome to Mazdaar. Word Mazdaar means Tasty in Kashmiri. We at Mazdaar Food Court are committed to serve you hygienic and quality food, We do not compromise with quality. Started in 2014 with a vision to provide best service and quality food to corporate industry. Madzaar brings you a variety of …

Special Products from Kashmir

Kashmiri Honey

Honey has  been used for its medicinal and therapeutic value for centuries in India. Mazdaar Honey saw the potential of honey beyond its remedial value, helping every household imbibe the goodness of this natural wonder liquid in their day-to-day life. Mazdaar Honey then packages and sells the highest quality Indian …

Kashmiri Saffron

Coming From The Dried Stigmas of  The Saffron Crocus, It  Takes 75,000 Blossoms Or 225,000 Hand-Picked Stigmas To Make A Single Pound Which Explains Why It Is The World’s Most Expensive Spice,  To Be “Worth Its Weight In  Gold”. Kashmiri Saffron Is Seen As The King Among All The Saffron Species. Many Historians …

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Our Team

We have a dedicated team for every role of work in our company and everyone is well experience to handle their role very well.

  • Vivek Gurkha

    With More then 12 Years of Experience in IT sector, he has always had a continuous yearning to contribute something to his home state Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from Kashmiri Bazaar Vivek is founder of many other startup’s.

  • Raj Kumar Gurkha

    With Experience of More then 40 Years in retail and Distribution vertical Mr. Raj Kumar Gurkha Is our Mentor and he is responsible for sourcing and vendor management. He is incharge of meeting prospective vendors and presenting our glorious company and make them look forward to listing their products  in our website.

Know what our Customers say about us

Customer satisfaction is our wealth and we always try to keep our customers satisfied by giving them best products they are looking for. Read what our Customers say about us.

I like Mazdaar Saffron, I have tried many brands of Kashmiri saffron but I feel Mazdaar Kashmiri Saffron is 100% pure and authentic.

Kashmir to Orissa finest spices of Kashmir, Thank you Mazdaar and Kashmiri Bazaar for your service. Mazdaar spices are worlds best spices

One of the finest spices i have every brought for my kitchen, Fresh and authentic kashmiri spices. I thank www.kashmiriBazaar.in and Mazdaar for delivering them at my home in Haryana.

Mazdaar spices and saffron are best, I order them every month from www.kashmiribazaar.in their quality is best.

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